Jeremy Condit

jcondit at gmail dot com

(I look a bit different these days.)

about me

I work for Google in the Kirkland, WA office. It's great here!

In a former life, I was a researcher at Microsoft Research, where I worked on the HAVOC, a program analysis tool, and BPFS, a file system for phase-change memory.

Before that, I was a graduate student at UC Berkeley, where I worked on Deputy, a tool that uses dependent types to improve type safety in C programs, as well as Capriccio and CCured. I was advised by George Necula.

And even before that, I was an undergraduate at Harvard and a software engineer at Tellme Networks.

I'm thrilled to be married to Kristin!


other fun stuff

I've taken several years of Japanese language courses, courtesy of Berkeley's excellent Japanese Language Program.

I enjoy snowboarding in Tahoe, most often at Squaw and Northstar.

I love to juggle. Check out the Berkeley Juggling Club if you're interested, though I haven't shown up in years.

Interactive fiction can be lots of fun. In particular, I recommend poking around Zarf's web page, which has a number of extremely well-crafted games (my personal favorite is "Spider and Web") among numerous other diversions. I once wrote a z-code interpreter called Zeal.

Grabscrab is an entertaining and incredibly addictive Scrabble variant. I'm also fond of board games such as Settlers of Catan and Puerto Rico, not to mention the age-old game of Go.