Final Fantasy Record Keeper Upcoming Global Banners

View future banners from the JP server.

Banner 252 - FF VIII - Seifer (BSB), Fujin (BSB), Raijin (BSB), Seifer (SSB), Fujin (SSB), Raijin (SSB), Seifer (SSB), Fujin, Squall

Banner 253 - FF VIII - Quistis (OSB), Quistis (BSB), Edea (BSB), Edea (SSB), Quistis (SSB), Irvine (SSB), Selphie (SSB), Rinoa, Edea

Banner 244 - Combat Abyss (Characters with 5* Combat, SSB relics or better)

Banner 245 - Select Nightmare Relic Draw

Banner 241 - Tyro's Selection 3

Banner 246 - Mana Collab #2 (likely will be skipped in Global)

Banner 247 - Holy Sword Banner

Banner 254

Banner 255 - FF XII - Balthier (OSB), Basch (BSB), Fran (BSB), Larsa (SSB), Balthier (SSB), Basch (SSB), Penelo (SSB), Gabranth, Basch

Banner 256 - FF XII - Vayne (BSB), Gabranth (BSB), Ashe (BSB), Vayne (SSB), Fran (SSB), Larsa (SSB), Gabranth (SSB), Gabranth, Fran

Banner 266 - FF VII - Aerith (USB), Cloud (BSB), Cid (BSB), Zack (BSB), Barret (SSB), Cid (SSB), Sephiroth (SSB), Cid (SSB), Aerith

Banner 267 - FF VII - Tifa (OSB), Vincent (BSB), Red XIII (BSB), Tifa (BSB), Rufus (SSB), Vincent (SSB), Yuffie (SSB), Red XIII (SSB), Aerith

Banner 269 - FF XIII - Fang (OSB), Lightning (BSB), Sazh (BSB), Vanille (BSB), Fang (SSB), Sazh (SSB), Lightning (SSB), Fang (SSB), Lightning

Banner 270 - FF XIII - Vanille (USB), Hope (BSB), Noel (BSB), Cid Raines (BSB), Snow (SSB), Noel (SSB), Cid Raines (SSB), Serah (SSB),

Banner 257 - Super Lucky Draw 1

Banner 258 - Super Lucky Draw 2

Banner 259 - Super Lucky Draw 3

Banner 261 - OSB Fest Phase 1 (subject to change for Global)

Banner 262 - OSB Fest Phase 2 (subject to change for Global)

Banner 263 - OSB Fest Phase 3 (subject to change for Global)

Banner 264 - OSB Fest Phase 4 (subject to change for Global)

Banner 265 - OSB Fest Phase 5 (subject to change for Global)

Banner 268 - Dr Mog's Beginner Selection 2

Banner 272 - FF II - Firion (OSB), Emperor (BSB), Leila (BSB), Firion (BSB), Firion (SSB), Emperor (SSB), Ricard (SSB), Leila (SSB), Leon

Banner 273 - FF II - Maria (OSB), Gordon (BSB), Maria (BSB), Leon (BSB), Josef (SSB), Minwu (SSB), Gordon (SSB), Guy (SSB), Gordon

Banner 274 - AOE Physical Lucky Draw

Banner 275 - Dungeon Update - III, XII, and XIV

Banner 276 - FF VI - Locke (OSB), (BSB), Setzer (BSB), Edgar (BSB), Locke (SSB), Setzer (SSB), Sabin (SSB), (SSB),

Banner 277 - FF VI - Celes (OSB), (BSB), Kefka (BSB), Cyan (BSB), Mog (SSB), (SSB), (SSB), (SSB), Celes