Congratulations to Bad Hair Day for winning BANG! 3!

See a complete recap here.

History: In November of 2002, David Alyea started a tradition of night-time puzzle hunts in the Bay Area with the first Bay Area Night Game. In January 2003, it was Blood and Bones's turn, and they produced the second installment. As winners of the second game, 13th Avenue has accepted the challenge to produce a third episode, and after a long thesis-motivated wait, it will be unveiled at 7:30 PM, Saturday, May 31, 2003 on the campus of UC-Berkeley.

Directions, etc.: The starting location for BANG! 3 is the grassy area on the east side of Oxford, between Center and Addison. The simplest way to get here via car is to take I-80 to the University Avenue exit and take University Avenue all the way to Oxford (at the west edge of campus.) Turn right, and the start location will be on your left after 1 1/2 blocks. From the south, you can take 880 to 980, take the Telegraph Avenue/51st exit (as 980 becomes 24), go a couple blocks on 51st, turn left on Telegraph, take it until it dead-ends at campus, turn left on Bancroft, and turn right on Oxford at the edge of campus. Or you can get directions via MapQuest.

Plan to arrive at 7:00, since we will start at 7:30 sharp, and traffic and parking in and around Berkeley is unpredictable. Your best bet for parking near the area is probably on Oxford north of campus (see this map). Berkeley is also easily accessible via BART; the start location is 1 block east of the Downtown Berkeley BART station. Spread the word to others you think might be interested!

Format: The concept of the puzzle hunt is simple: teams, ranging from two to four people, will be given a series of clues leading them to various locations and tasks around campus. Once these locations are reached and these tasks are accomplished, teams will get additional clues leading them around the environment. Its nature is that of a physical and mental adventure. As the sun goes down on California, join us for an exciting night of exploration. As the title of our hunt suggests, the key to solving puzzles is to keep your eyes open and alert for whatever may arise.

Equipment: Each team (of 2 to 4 people) should bring a headlamp and/or flashlight, a cell phone, and pen and paper. We will give you a map of the relevant area at the beginning of the evening. Other things that might come in handy are a ruler, calculator, a pair of scissors, and Scotch tape, but no serious use of any of these is really necessary. The clues are designed to obviate any advantage that external help or extra equipment will provide, so don't overload yourself; relax, and have fun!

Signing up: Entry fee is $24 per team at the game. Advance registration is now closed. However, we request for your benefit and ours that if you are planning to pay at the game, you notify us by e-mail at so we can get a count of how many teams will be there. Even if you're not sure you're going to be there, we would appreciate it if you would send us an e-mail with the approximate probability you'll be playing. If you are paying at the game, you must show up by 7 PM. Your entry fee will be used for prizes, post-game refreshments, and clue construction.

Rules: No running (or other use of vehicles, like bicycles, cars, or roller skates), though walking quickly is fine. Teams must stay roughly together at all times; use common sense. (For instance, sending different team members to check out different possible clue locations is not allowed; spreading out to comb a small area for something you think is there somewhere is OK.) We will be using a call-in hint system; the first hint will cost 5 minutes, the second 10 minutes, the third 15 minutes, and so on. If you are completely flummoxed, you can take a giveaway, which counts as two hints. If you take a hint and a giveaway on the same puzzle, you will only be charged with a total of two hints. Teams are limited to four people. Above all, remember that this hunt is designed to be fun, not as a competition. Be nice, and have fun!

Prizes: We'll give out a bunch of prizes to the top finishers. In addition, as part of their reward for winning, the winning team will get the honor of hosting the next installment of BANG.

If you have any questions, e-mail us at If you wish to be apprised of future events, join the BANG Yahoo! group.