Final Fantasy Record Keeper Upcoming Global Banners

View future banners from the JP server.

Banner 157 - Celerity Nightmare (Lucky Draw, relics for characters with Celerity 5 only)

Banner 165 - FF Tactics - Ramza (BSB), Delita (SSB), Ovelia (SSB), Delita, Ovelia, Agrias

Banner 164 - Dissidia Collab 2 (Villains) - Garland (BSB), Exdeath (SSB), Kuja (SSB), Golbez, Jecht, Kefka

Banner 167 - FF Tactics - Mustadio (SSB), Ramza (SSB), Agrias (SSB), Mustadio, Delita, Ramza

Banner 166 - Dissidia Collab 2 (Villains) - Golbez (SSB), Kefka (SSB), Sephiroth (SSB), Garland, Jecht, Edea

Banner 168 - FF XIII - Hope (BSB), Vanille (SSB), Sazh (SSB), Cid Raines, Serah, Fang

Banner 169 - FF XIII - Fang (SSB), Serah (SSB), Cid Raines (SSB), Sazh, Snow, Lightning

Banner 170 - Black Mage Nightmare 2 (Lucky Draw, relics for characters with Black Magic 5 only)

Banner 171 - Double Burst Fest - Monks (subject to change)

Banner 172 - Double Burst Fest - Samurai and Spellblade (subject to change)

Banner 173 - Double Burst Fest - Thief and Ninja (subject to change)

Banner 174 - Double Burst Fest - Knights (subject to change)

Banner 175 - Double Burst Fest - Machinist and Dragoon (subject to change)

Banner 177 - FF V - Gilgamesh (BSB), Faris (BSB), Krile (SSB), Faris (SSB), Bartz (SSB), Exdeath (SSB), Bartz

Banner 178 - FF V - Bartz (BSB), Krile (SSB), Galuf (SSB), Lenna (SSB), Gilgamesh (SSB), Exdeath, Genji Helm

Banner 180 - FF VI - Celes (BSB), Terra (SSB), Gau (SSB), Locke (SSB), Relm (SSB), Setzer

Banner 181 - FF VI - Terra (BSB), Setzer (SSB), Celes (SSB), Edgar (SSB), Sabin (SSB), Relm

Banner 182 - FF X - Rikku (BSB), Paine (SSB), Kimahri (SSB), Jecht (SSB), Braska (SSB), Yuna

Banner 183 - FF X - Tidus (BSB), Lulu (SSB), Braska (SSB), Yuna (SSB), Wakka (SSB), Auron

Banner 184 - FF VIII - Selphie (BSB), Edea (SSB), Zell (SSB), Seifer (SSB), Quistis (SSB), Rinoa

Banner 185 - FF VIII - Rinoa (BSB), Quistis (SSB), Edea (SSB), Laguna (SSB), Squall (SSB), Squall

Banner 186 - Lucky Draw

Banner 187 - White Mage Nightmare 2 (Lucky Draw, relics for characters with White Magic 5 only)

Banner 189 - Bards? - Edward (SSB), Sarah (SSB), Mog (SSB), Echo (SSB), Cait Sith (SSB), Eiko (SSB)

Banner 190 - FF VII - Cloud (OSSB), Aerith (BSB), Red XIII (SSB), Cid (SSB), Zack (SSB), Yuffie (SSB), Cloud

Banner 191 - FF VII - Tifa (BSB), Sephiroth (BSB), Vincent (SSB), Barret (SSB), Red XIII (SSB), Reno (SSB), Cid

Banner 192 - FF IX - Eiko (BSB), Beatrix (BSB), Freya (SSB), Quina (SSB), Garnet (SSB), Steiner (SSB), Kuja

Banner 193 - FF IX - Zidane (BSB), Vivi (BSB), Steiner (SSB), Beatrix (SSB), Kuja (SSB), Freya (SSB), Quina